Deep Foam 1L & 5L


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    Deep Foam 1L & 5L


    Deep Foam Wash has been formulated to give your vehicle a total bubble bath, making it very easy to care for your paintwork. Containing the best carnauba wax to top up the glossy shine of your vehicle.

    First use as a prewash by foaming your vehicle, leave for 2 minutes to allow the foam to loosen the dirt, then rinse off with clean water. Then re-foam and use a wash mitt to glide over the foam washing the final grime away.
    Finally rinse with clean water and dry.

    Why not send us a photo of your car with Deep foam wash on it then we will add it to this page.

    Available in 1 ltr and 5 ltr

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    Ultimate Stain Remover Kleeneze


    Ultimate Stain Remover highly concentrated formula will remove most stains form all types of surfaces, just spray on to the area, allow time to work then wipe away.  It is also perfect as a pre-wash stain remover for clothing, apply to areas then pop in the washing machine at normal temperatures.

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