Roof Sealer Weather Out


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    Roof Sealer Weather Out


    Roof sealer Weather out 1kg is a super efficient way of repairing holes and cracks in most types of roof surfaces. With Weather Out roof sealer being fibrous it will fill small cracks and holes with ease. For larger holes in roofs just place a thin plywood sheet over the hole then apply at he product to the whole surface.
    For the best results, clear away loose chipping’s and stagnant water before application.

    This roof sealer can be applied to roofs and gutters even when wet.

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  • EAN: 5060564172198
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    Sealer adhesive


    A high modulus hybrid sealant combining sealing and adhesive properties

    A totally unique “hybrid” sealant for use in areas requiring a tough elastic rubber joint or as an adhesive with superior bonding strength.

    • For interior and exterior applications in all weather conditions.
    • Remains permanently flexible.
    • Can be over-painted with water-based paints.
    • Non staining and will not discolour surfaces (excellent for use on natural stone)*
    • Contains no isocyanates, solvents, silicone and phthalates.
    • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces (even moist surfaces). Wet on wet application.
    • No odour.
    • Anti-pick properties (colours only).
    • CE Approved: Conforms to EN15651-1; F INT.
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    Tyre sealer


    Tyre sealer from Michelin Emergency puncture repair. The ideal product to get you out of a mess. No tools or jack needed. Does not damage to tyre. Safe to use.

    Tyre sealer from Michelin is for roadside emergencies and breakdowns. Seals and inflates the tyre quickly and can be used on a range of tyres like lawn tractors, wheel barrow, cars, caravans, 4x4s and most things with inflatable tyres on.

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