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Future Developments (Manufacturing) Limited was first established in 1987 pride themselves in blending and manufacturing a vast amount of chemicals for ourselves and bespoke chemicals for customers.
Future Developments was destined to become bigger. In 1995 we opened our own aerosol plant where we manufacture and fill aerosol cans (for ourselves and other companies). Thus meaning our own independence in manufacturing and packaging.
At the present moment in time, we have over fifteen hundred products to our credit, which is growing substantially year on year. Future Developments are still growing to the present day with the help of an experienced manufacturing department, a successful sales team all over the country and a tenacious delivery team.
Future Developments is constantly striving to keep ahead of it’s competitors and is always researching into new products, this means therefore that we can boast that we have one of the most varied range of products in the United Kingdom.
At the beginning of 2009, Future Developments opened up the retail side of the business, selling products to the likes of Ideal World and QVC TV Channels also large retail chains such as Instore Retail (£Stretcher), and many more, on own or New Label.
We also pride ourselves on service and customer satisfaction, so we have a highly experienced and hard working administration and sales team at the end of a telephone, always willing to help with any queries.

We are seeking professional distributors, wholesalers and independent sellers both nationally and internationally, to market our range of products. We provide products for retail, wholesale and industry. Please kindly contact us if you are interested.

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