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    Deep Foam 1L & 5L


    Deep Foam Wash has been formulated to give your vehicle a total bubble bath, making it very easy to care for your paintwork. Containing the best carnauba wax to top up the glossy shine of your vehicle.

    First use as a prewash by foaming your vehicle, leave for 2 minutes to allow the foam to loosen the dirt, then rinse off with clean water. Then re-foam and use a wash mitt to glide over the foam washing the final grime away.
    Finally rinse with clean water and dry.

    Why not send us a photo of your car with Deep foam wash on it then we will add it to this page.

    Available in 1 ltr and 5 ltr

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    Foam Cleaner Blue Magic


    Blue Magic Foam may be used for the rapid cleaning of car upholstery, carpets, vinyl and leatherette, plastics ceramics, walls, ovens, kitchen surfaces, typewriters and computer equipment, killing static on contact. Blue Magic is manufactured from products that are approved by the FDA,

    Blue Magic Foam is extremely effective on baked on fats, grease and oils from kitchen equipment and is particularly recommended for the following industries: Motor, hospitals, schools and universities, hotels, canteens, bus and coach, offices, engineering works, printing and council, or many food related industries.

    Blue Magic Foam is a specialised blend of wetting and foaming agents designed to remove grease and dirt from most types of surfaces.

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