patio cleaner

Get that patio cleaner

What is the patio? It is another room if you get it setup and cleaned for comfort, allow us to help you at getting this new room pristine and a joy to be in.
We have weed killer, patio cleaner, moss and algae remover, furniture cleaner and barbecue cleaner that is second to none. All of these product will take the elbow grease out of the chore of cleaning and make the job faster, leaving you more time to relax. We manufacture products to take the labor out of cleaning and repairing, after over 30 years in this industry we have learned a thing or two and obviously used these product on our own homes, so why not join us and do the job the easy way. The main object is to use a patio cleaner to give you a starting point for getting the rest done.
It can be used on many different surfaces to remove grease, oil, grime, road film, moss, algae and dirt.
You can apply it different ways, through the solution tank on a pressure washer, with a watering can, bucket or pump sprayer. Path and patio cleaner should be left for a few minutes to soak into the dirt and grime and the wash off with hose pipe or pressure washer. On surfaces that have not been cleaned in a long while a second application may be required, it also helps if the surface is agitated with a stiff yard brush as this pushes it under the dirt and grime.

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