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Roof Sealer Weather Out

Now the sun is shining it is time to get out there and find all the roof leaks and get them sorted.
Many years ago we came up with a roof sealer that would be easy to use and work properly, even in wet or damp weather.

Weather out roof sealer has sold on shopping channels for years very successfully and has great reviews. All you have to do is to get up there and remove any green algae and slime.

The application of it is easy, just spray it on in the area that you think has the leak and you are done. It can be applied with a paint or hand brush and even spray out with a piece of cardboard. If it is a bad problem then you can even seal the leak when it is raining, then you will see instantly if you found the leak. Why do the job the hard way, just pour and spray it out.
If you have any cracks in guttering or down pipes then up you go, get rid of the slime and rubbish collected there and paint roof sealer on. Then it is time to kick in the barbecue and a couple of beers and relax from your strenuous day, or that is what you tell the better half 🙂

Keep hoping back and I will sort out some more great time saving tips

What can you use it on:
Flat & pitched roofs
Corrugated asbestos
Roof lights
Roofing felts
Damp Conditions
1 Coat Application
Fully Flexible
Reinforced Membrane
Excellent Solar Reflectivity
Unaffected By Temperature
Previously Only Sold To Industry
Emergency Roof Repair
Instant Weather Protection
With New Acrylic & Fibre Technology

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