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    Moss Remover


    Moss remover by Roots Out contains surfactants for effective control of moss & algae from a variety of surfaces with ease, no elbow grease required. You will find that if you use it this season then there will be a lot less next season as you are stopping the spreading of the spores.
    The application is very easy, all you have to do is to spray the moss remover and leave it to do its work, that is it as easy as that, no washing or rinsing off.
    This product is great for removing the green algae that you get on vehicle lights or other areas on the vehicle when it is parked in the shade.

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    Moss and Algae Remover


    Moss and Algae Remover Roots Out contains surfactants for effective control of moss & algae . Moss and algae is easily eradicated and all you have to do is get it wet then forget it, let nature take its course. The easiest gardening job you will have to do.
    Scraping moss away is not really a good idea as it can spray the moss spores to somewhere else so you defeat the object. It is far better to wet it and forget it this way there is no moss spores to start up again. Moss and Algae Remover is ideal for path and driveways, on the roof, walls and even when you get it on parts of the car when it is constantly parked in the shade. Not for lawn use.


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    Patio and Path Cleaner


    Patio cleaner from Roots Out contains a specialised blend of detergents specifically manufactured for the cleaning of your patio area .

    •     Dilute product up to 10 parts water to 1 part Patio & Path Cleaner before use
    •     Pour or wipe onto surface to be cleaned
    •     Agitate with brush
    •     Wash off with clean water
    •     Patio & Path cleaner can also be used with a pressure washer to increase the speed of cleaning
    •     Depending on the degree of soiling a further application may be required


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