Patio and Path Cleaner


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    Patio and Path Cleaner


    Patio cleaner from Roots Out contains a specialised blend of detergents specifically manufactured for the cleaning of your patio area .

    •     Dilute product up to 10 parts water to 1 part Patio & Path Cleaner before use
    •     Pour or wipe onto surface to be cleaned
    •     Agitate with brush
    •     Wash off with clean water
    •     Patio & Path cleaner can also be used with a pressure washer to increase the speed of cleaning
    •     Depending on the degree of soiling a further application may be required


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    Vario Brush & Pole


    Car wash brush and pole set.
    This is possibly the best made car wash brush and pole extension set available. Manufactured from high grade aluminium for long life.

    The brush and pole set has been designed to allow you to reach areas that you normally pay people to do like clean the car, conservatory roofs, upstairs windows, the uses are endless and time saving.
    There are 3 to pick from: Fixed Pole 1500mm, extendable pole small extends from 800 to 1500mm and the long reach pole is 1500 to 3000mm.
    This kit comes with 1 pole and a brush of your choice additional poles and brushes can be purchased.
    There are 2 cleaning brushes Soft that is great to clean plastic, paintwork and windows and Hard that is great for decking and paths.

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    Vario Outdoor cleaner


    Vario Outdoor Cleaner is perfect for path/patio/driveway/decking/
    stone work/fence panels/conservatory/fascia board/solar panels/
    greenhouse/roof/garden furniture/swimming pool/kids play equipment. Vario Outdoor Cleaner is a super concentrated formula that can be diluted with water to adjust to the type of cleaning required

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