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    Deep Foam 1L & 5L


    Deep Foam Wash has been formulated to give your vehicle a total bubble bath, making it very easy to care for your paintwork. Containing the best carnauba wax to top up the glossy shine of your vehicle.

    First use as a prewash by foaming your vehicle, leave for 2 minutes to allow the foam to loosen the dirt, then rinse off with clean water. Then re-foam and use a wash mitt to glide over the foam washing the final grime away.
    Finally rinse with clean water and dry.

    Why not send us a photo of your car with Deep foam wash on it then we will add it to this page.

    Available in 1 ltr and 5 ltr

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    Detailing Spray 500ml & 5L


    What do you do to keep the shine in between waxing times? The answer is detailing wax.
    After you have washed and dried your car all you have to do is to take this detail wax and spray and wax, it’s as easy as that.
    No Buffing
    No machine polishing
    No spending hours getting that shine back.
    Detail leaves behind a massive wax coating in seconds. What more can you need.
    The more times you do it, the less dirt sticks to it.
    Super smooth hydrophobic coating in a bottle.
    Removes dirt, grime, water spots, finger prints and bugs.

    Available in 500ml & 5ltr

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  • EAN: 5060564172006
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    E10 fuel additive 250ml


    E10 Engine Protector for Bio-Ethanol fuels. Stabilizes the ethanol/petrol mixture during operation for a longer period of time. Neutralises acids formed (pHe control). Avoids rubbery deposits, resination and paint residue. Binds condensing water. Improves lubrication. Prevents corrosion within the entire combustion system. Improves the operation of the injector system by improved cleaning of parts. Reduces emission by improving combustion of the fuel and thereby improves environmental friendliness of the fuel.

    Professional protection
    1:1000 dilution
    For bio-ethanol fuels

    250ml measuring bottle

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    Fabric Cleaner 500ml & 5L


    Professional Fabric Cleaner
    The fastest way to clean all fabric in your vehicle.
    Using a specialised blend of surfactants, fragrance and dirt lifting agents, making it easy to bring fabric up to fantastic condition enhancing the colours to make the interior smell fresh and look amazing.
    Safe on stitching and materials. Contains no alcohols or acids. Removes dirt, grime, some ink pen marks and dyes.
    Spray the upholstery, then agitate with a clean damp microfibre, vaccum when dry.
    Test on hidden area first for colour fastness

    Available in 500ml & 5L

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  • EAN: 5060564171825
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    Glass Cleaner & Anti-mist 500ml & 5L


    Professional Glass Cleaner
    Streak-free formula, leaves behind no residue or smears on the glass.
    Anti-Fog additive that stops the glass misting up after a thorough cleaning.
    Alcohol-free blend leaves no nasty smells and is non-flammable.
    Can safely be used on tinted/film-tinted windows to remove tar, tree sap and bug splatter from glass. Removes tobacco staining on glass and mirrors in the home.
    Lightly mist over area, spread the solution making sure it covers all of the glass or mirror area. Wipe and polish off with tissue.
    Ideal for the removal of Vape mist and cigarette smoke on glass, adding a protective coating onto the glass to help prevent further misting.

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  • EAN: 5060564172020
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    Leather & Pleather Cleaner 500ml


    Professional Leather Cleaner
    The fastest way to clean all leather in your vehicle.
    Using a specialised blend of surfactants and dirt lifting agents, making it easy to bring leather up to pristine condition. Safe on stitching and logo’s. Contains no alcohols or acids. Removes: dirt, grime, some ink pen marks and dyes.
    Just spray a mist onto the surface to be cleaned, agitate with a soft nail brush and wipe off with clean damp cloth. For deep engrained dirt a further application may be needed.
    Test on hidden area first for colour fastness. Do not use on leather in the home.

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    Leather Care 500ml


    Professional Leather Care
    After cleaning your leather surfaces it is time to add a protective and caring surface to it. By using Leather Care you will be adding a protective coating that will help to keep it supple and form a barrier to the surface to repel future dirt and grime, also making it easier to clean in the future. No silicones are added to the product so the surface in non slippy after the protection is added.
    Just pour a small amount onto a cloth and in circular motions rub into the surface. When finished allow to stand for 10 minutes and then lightly buff with a dry clean cloth.

    Available in 500ml size

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