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Stayhold is designed to stop loose items from rolling around and getting broken in the back of the car.
Use Stayhold Cargo Companions or straps with whatever you are doing to make sure everything stays where you put it.  From groceries to DIY supplies, bottles of wine to plants for the garden, sports equipment to car care products, Stayhold has you covered.
We have experienced the peace of mind when using a Stayhold Cargo Companion, knowing that our goods are being kept safe and not hearing the sound of items rolling around in the back. We want you to have this too.

We’re confident that once you start using a Stayhold in your car your will not want to stop.

It simply sticks to the carpet in your car boot using Velcro and acts a barrier to hold items securely against the side wall of the cargo area. Use multiple Stayholds to create sections and compartments in your boot or use them to secure larger objects. Stayhold™ is really useful for everyday shopping, preventing it from rolling around. It is great for luggage, sports equipment, paint tins, tools and any other loose items that you want to keep safe. Easy to position anywhere in the boot and simple to remove using the handles.