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TRYLUBE has been designed for this modern age where silicone has been frowned upon. Giving less surface tension than silicone not only will it replace silicone but it will eliminate the problems associated with silicone. TRYLUBE can be used exactly the same way as silicone is used.

TRYLUBE can be used in the printing industry, shoe manufacturers, rubber and plastic mould industry, food processing plants, dairies and textile industry, car valeting, etc.

TRYLUBE can safely be used in the area of painting or paintwork with no determent to the paint surfaces themselves. TRYLUBE is ideal to prevent the adhering of glues, waxes, felt tip pens and other sticky substances to metal glass enamel, wood, etc.

TRYLUBE’s special properties make it antistatic, waterproof
and makes it an ideal corrosion inhibitor.