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Aquastop is a new invention which will give your mobile phone total protection against most liquids, water, sea water, beverages, etc.. Once the invisible coating has been applied, your phone has a protective barrier against the elements. It is not just the cost of the replacement equipment it is the inconvenience of it.

Aquastop can be applied by yourself or by a qualified engineer.  Aquastop is formulated to protect all low voltage equipment e.g. walkmans, laptops, personal
organisers, etc.  once applied your equipment is immediately protected.

Since Future Developments (MFG) Ltd have no control over the application of this product we cannot be held responsible for any water damage caused by
incorrect or inadequate application.

For the best protection the printed circuit board on the phone needs to be coated as well as the microphone and the earpiece. Once applied the phone can be
reassembled.  The mobile is now protected.

In case of contact with water, remove the battery shake out exess water and allow to dry before use.